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Fundación Stefano Steenbakkers

The Stefano Steenbakkers Betancort Foundation, Corp. is a non-profit organization created to honor the memory of the young man of the same name, who was murdered in June 2012 in Dorado, Puerto Rico. 

Stefano's death shocked the entire country. His actions, however, are a source of inspiration and healing for thousands of people who hear the story of this exceptional young man.

At 16, Stefano registered as an organ donor. Six months later he passed away, giving life and hope to others through the greatest gift of life: organ and tissue donation.

Our Mission...

Atelier Bea Rodriguez partnered up with several entities to develop a high-fashion collection to raise awareness of Stefano's powerful story and promote a message to stop the violence. The collection showcased in Paris Fashion Week contained specially designed prints and custom products soon available to the public.

Our prints:

STEFANO ART print comes from a painting done by family and friends to Stefano when he passed away. The abstract painting became the initial inspiration for our color story and prints into the collection.

CATHEDRALS PRINT was done by artist Abed M. Hernandez from EmProm. Bea was planning a 4th NY Fashion Week runway with her publicity team in a central New York cathedral when that same day Bea's son was murdered. One year later Bea decided to turn her work to benefit Fundación Stefano and take it to Paris. The perfect scenery to present this collection was with no doubt a cathedral.

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